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Manage complications of a high-risk pregnancy with the high-risk pregnancy care doctor in Panchkula. At Pratap IVF, our experienced gynecologists and specialists assist in reducing the risks associated with a high-risk pregnancy which is recognized by the condition where both the mother and the child experience major complications and a potential threat to life. We emphasize on providing prenatal care to make sure that the expecting mother can enjoy a less complicated and healthy pregnancy. Some of the causes responsible for high-risk pregnancy include blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, kidney
Are you not able to conceive despite all efforts? Get a consultation at the best IVF hospital in Shastri Nagar Jaipur to know the potential causes of infertility so that appropriate treatment can be provided. Pratap IVF has a dedicated team of infertility specialists that uses assisted reproductive technology like IVF to help couples that are facing major infertility challenges. The proper analysis and examination of the infertile couples by our IVF doctors help in revealing the exact cause of infertility. Some of the causes responsible for infertility include endometriosis, unexplained ferti
Is your baby detected with a genetic disorder? The top genetic disorder doctors in Bikaner can help your little one to overcome genetic disorders that arise due to major abnormality in the genetic makeup of the child. Genetic disorders in babies can also occur due to inheritance from their parents. Therefore, it is important that timely detection of the type of genetic disorders, for example, chromosome abnormalities, multifactorial inheritance, mitochondrial inheritance, and single gene inheritance can increase the chance of recovery and improvement. The genetic disorder doctors suggest for